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CMSF Divisions


Currently there are 5 Divisions to CMSF. They are as follows. 


Marine Division - This division is where each and every member of CMSF starts off. All CMSF members are Marine Division qualified.  All CMSF members must have the CMSF- clan tag in front of their name. Example CMSF-Viper


Elite Rangers - Special Unit of elite warriors. To obtain Elite Ranger Status one must be tested. Once a member qualifies for ER the member may then at his/her choice use a clan tag name with [ER] behind it. All Members who have qualified for ER will have the Iron Glove insignia placed in their members profile. Example Duberoller[ER] 

To join this division you must have 50+ CMSF wins and beat a 1v5 comps challenge. (Replay must be provided)



Alpha Squadron - Special Unit of elite pilots. To obtain Alpha Squadron membership, one must be be tested in Air Power.  All members who qualify for AS may use a name with the AS tag if they wish. All Members who are AS qualified will receive the AS insignia in their profile. Example BillyBob[AS]

To join this division you must have 50+ CMSF wins and beat a 1v5 comps challenge (replay must be provided)


Vengeance Raider - This group has been disbanded until further notice.  

Covert Ops - Top Secret! Covert Operators do not carry any clan tag at all. Covert Operations Specialists do not have to qualify for other Divisions. Please see CMSF-Gen_Riker to discuss this division in further details.




Division Leader


Infintry (Bug Stomping Ground Pounders)

CMSF-Gen_Riker (Any Officer may apply)
Elite Rangers

General Duberoller[er]
Alpha Squadron



FleetAdml_Riker - Click here to see additional information on this division. 
Vengeance Raiders Disbanded Because Gen_Ghost[VR] has been stripped of his rank, relieved of his command, and banned for life from the clan.