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Admiral's Log 11/29/03:

Hello all, I would like to Welcome each and every one of our new members...

 We now have a Brand New Division it is Called the Naval Special Warfare Command, It is commanded by one of our new members CMSF-Mystic. His site Looks real good I encourage you all to take a look at it. Linked off the Main CMSF page.

The Jedi have a Brand New Web site Thanks to there Commanding Officer CMSF-DarthMaul. There New site is linked off the mail CMSF page as well... Looking Good Scotty !!!

Things have been running smoothly, overall. The Star Fleet Command Council has been doing well, I think I am going to try and set a time when we all meet for the Council, something like Friday or Saturday  nights each week around 8:00pm... Let me know what ya all think about that... Also I have Started to edit the Main CMSF Members Page, I added a section that lists the council members, if I left any one off the list that is on the council please let me know... Also as always if you need an update weather to be added to a Division, or a Rank update please email me at, Tell me your user name, points, and ranks, and any other valid info... 

    Also Just something cool I want to share with ya: You have all probably have see the 2 counters at the bottom of the main CMSF Page. The Bottom one from only records new page views, If you click on to this counter not the add under it it will take you to a web page that shows all the Stats of the CMSF Page its cool stuff check it out. The counter above it shows all hits on the site, revisits and all that's the difference between the 2. 

God Bless Each and every one...

 Fleet Admiral Riker... Out  

Admiral's Log 11/12/03:

First off I want to say i am sorry for taking so long to update this news page, but I have been really busy of late with working double shifts from like 6:00am to 11:30pm I have been very tired and all. But now they are hiring some more people and I an working just one ship I hope from now on but we will have to see what happens. If you are wondering what I do I work maintenance at our local school system middle school, and high school some times have to work in the elementary schools as well. It is fun always something different to do so its cool.


Here is an extract from the forum post I just made, this should inform you with everything you need to know;

This is come very cool stuff !!!
Question: What is the new CMSF Server ya ask...

Answer: The NEW CMSF SERVER is just like Battle Net but it is hosted on CMSF-CodeMan's Computer at his house. Code Man Runs the operation of it not Battle Net.

Question: How Do I access this new Server with my SC,BW game..

Answer: The way you access the new Server is by the Following;
(1) DownLoad The Software from the link provide on the profile of CMSF-InfoBot where you can choose a like for your Operating System like Windows XP or Windows 98 that kind of thing...
(2) Exit Battle Net (not just minimize it)
(3) Run the new software that you just DownLoaded
(4) when it asks if you want it to write to the registry click it is safe...
(5) reopen Star Craft Brood War and go online this time you will see a new listing along with B net East and West, The NEw one is called CMSF Clan Server Click on that one
(6) Connect and go to channel StarFleetHQ  NO (OP) in front like in B NET...

This is Going to Be Fun Fun Fun....

Enjoy and Thank you CMSF-CodeMan For all your work on this project

Lets all have fun
Fleet Admiral Riker... Out

Admiral's Log 09/15/03:

Hi All First I want to say Welcome to all our new CMSF Members.  I also just want to apologize  to every one who showed up for the clan tournament. Clan H)K was no show - They have been having internal clan trouble with there members. If they get things back together and worked out we can set up another...    

 As always if you need an update for your Rank or need to be added to the members page Please Email me at I will then add your update to the site... Also if you need to talk to me about anything feel free either on B.Net or Email me ....

 May God Bless ya All 

Fleet Admiral Riker OUT 



Admiral's Log 08/07/03:

Hi All CMSF-Reborn posted a new message in the Forum today I want to share it with you all.

He makes some good points, Check it out;

First if you think it is worth it Riker plz post this in News page.
I think alot of people are losing there want to be in this clan because it is not fun or it is not kool anymore, but I think it is cause you feel you don't fit in. Well if you don't fit in try to fit in. I mean I know some people can be mean in this clan, but that doesn't mean they are not nice. Take edge for example. I mean when i first meet him I hated the kid. And now that i finally goto know him I truly know that he is not mean he is just strong minded. Also some people think that Riker is going to far with the banning and stuff, well think about it? He banned Janeway for hiding his Gender why change his mind on Fever? (even though I want you to stay fever) Riker is trying his best to follow the clan rules and keep the clan in a happy matter. I mean nobody is perfect, but that is why we give you like 5 chances before you get banned from clan. If you get banned it is not all Riker's Fault, but your own because your brought it upon yourself to get in trouble 5 times or so. Also I would like to make note that I know that I have been a butt as of late and I am sorry. Well that's all.
Reborn out...

Nice job Reborn you made some good points there

See ya all Soon 

Riker... Out



           Admiral's Log 08/02/03          

Effective Immediately  CMSF-Fever is no longer a member of this clan. From her own testimony she is guilty of lying....

Here is an Extract of her Testimony on from our clan forum;

The reason I am quitting is out of guilt. My name is not Ashley Rose nor am I a girl. I am a 15-year-old boy whose name is Shawn McCauley. I was proforming an experiment when General Riker found me and signed me up.

I did not fake anything other then that I was a girl.

I am sorry.
Forgive me.

What YOU have done Fever is a Court-Martialable  Offense 

You leave me no choice in the matter,

You have been found Guilty as Charged

 As the Leader and Commanding Officer of this clan I must do the following: 

 Relieve you of Duity, Strip you off all Rank and Position...  

This Gives me no pleasure to do this 

Fleet Admiral Riker Out

Admiral's Log 07/31/03:

Hi All Riker Here, I want to say a special thank you to CMSF-CodeMan for all his hard work with putting together a new Members page( every one please go check it out). It looks great and is very well structured. Also Code made a new forum that we are currently testing. Let me know what ya all think of it. 

God Bless,

Fleet Admiral Riker... Out

Admiral's Log 07/30/03:

Hey all Don't forget about the Tournament that CMSF-Reborn put together for this Saturday... This is going to be cool, if you plan on being in it you need to sign up on the forum here is an extract as to what CMSF-Reborn says;

Everyone plz mark you calendars. I will be holding a 2 on 2 Tournament (with prizes) Please either post you and your partners name here or talk to me online The map will be the closet map to nonmoney and money. BGH(Blizzard One).
Tourny Date: 8/2/03 @ 7:00pm Central Time
PS: Also I may be going alone in the 2 on 2 tournament if need. Also to make it fair


 Hey ya all We all Need to be Praying for both CMSF-Reborn and CMSF-Flash as they are both going through some very tough Times in there lives. Last Night 07/29/03 I called a clan wide meeting where CMSF-Reborn took the floor and shared all the things he is going though right now. The most dramatic is that his parents are in the process of getting a divorce (this must be very hard an anyone in this situation), Also his dog is dieing and his Grandpa is not doing well and may also be dieing. Please Keep CMSF-Reborn in prayer as I will be. After the Clan Meeting we all met and  lifted CMSF-Reborn up to the Lord in prayer. **Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ he will make a way where there seams to be no way**

As I now understand it CMSF-Flash is going through much of the same situation as CMSF-Reborn is. Here is an extract from the Forum from CMSF-Flash explaining his situation: 

Hey all I got the same issues that reborn does my parents getting a divorce, so if I go off on ya its cause of what's going on around here. Since parents getting divorce its gonna be the crappiest part of my life, but im sure everything will work out. Now my dads getting mean to everyone around here, threatening me, verbal abuse so im sure this is the best thing possible to happen.

Now my mom has been taking this crap for more then 10 year and i think that this is DEFINITELY the best thing for her. And now I got my 95 year old grandma who has demension living with us, but I'll always luv her and it will be sad when she leaves us. But im sure everything will work out jus fine, because im sure god has plans for her when her time comes. And im sure god has a place for me when my time comes.

We here at Star Fleet Command will Support you both any way we can. I for one will be praying for you both and I encourage each and every one here to do the same.

There is another Extract from the forum I wish to share it is a prayer from CMSF-Narsil13;

Hey all this is Narsil. I decided to post a prayer for Reborn and Flash:
Lord help CMSF-Reborn and CMSF-Flash (we don't know thier real names, but we're sure you do) .
Even though not all of us have experienced what it's like to go through what these two boys (or men, I don't want to be offensive) have gone through, we still try to support them the best ways we can. Sometimes families can have thier dissagreements. We can all understand that. But we must understand that what Reborn and Flash are experienceing is far more than just a dissagreement. Thier parents are separating! Just understand that they are going through one of lifes many troubles. But we should all keep a good heart for them and pray for them. Reborn and Flash, we all reall, really hope that your parents may change thier minds and start a new relationship. We really don't want you to suffer! Thanks for letting me voice out about this.
Narsil out...
P.S. I''l keep both of you in my prayers!

Also Please keep our Founder and Friend CMSF-Gen_Riker in Prayer as he to is going through a lot in his life. Here is an Extract from the forum as to what he is facing;

Hey all... I like the new forum... Well I guess I can give everyone the lowdown on what has happened to me over the last couple of months. Admiral and Blue aleady know.

About 2.5 months ago my wife left me. (Yes I was married, as most of you know). It absolutely devastated me. My exwife and I were trying to adopt a baby girl (since she was unable to have children). All that went straight down the drain when she left.

She left me basically a shattered and broken man. I have to give Glory to God for bringing me through it. My divorce is not final yet (in the courts) but my exwife has already found herself a new boyfriend and seems to be happy in her new life.

I am learning day by day to deal with it. Right now I am in the process of moving (again). The house I am living in right now I am renting from my ex-wife's sister so obviously I need to move. I will be moving in with my dad for about 6-8 months until I get back on my feet and get a place of my own again.

I have to be out of this place by Aug 1st. (by the way my b-day is Aug 8th)

Many of you have expressed sincere concern about what has been happening to me and I want to say thank you.

I also want to thank the Admiral and Blue for their prayers and for taking this clan to new heights of Glory. What an INCREDIBLE job you guys have done.

My sincere thanks to all the division leaders, the Generals and the officers for their hard work and dedication.

Once I get settled into my dads place I should be able to be on more often and then once I get a place of my own I will be on pretty much all the time like I was before.

I sure do miss you guys. Thanks for keeping it all together. Admiral and Blue have become the true leaders of this clan. I may have founded and started it two years ago but they have become the truest leaders the clan ever had. They have taken it to new levels and new heights. Its unbelievable what you guys have done. I am so proud just to have CMSF in front of my name.

Thank you all.

And to any new members who have not met me yet, Im looking forward to meeting you all.

Keep the faith my friends!!!

Please also Keep General Riker In Prayer in this time of hardship and need... 

We are here for you all, Keep the Faith and Keep your eyes focused on the Lord Jesus Christ

If you would like to leave a message to CMSF-Reborn or CMSF-Flash please feel free to post it on the forum. Also if you want to leave me a message please either send me email at or on the forum...

God Bless all,

 Fleet Admiral Riker

Admiral's Log 07/11/03:

From this point forward until General Riker is able to come back  I am going to be updating this news page and the news page on the Star Fleet Site. We have had a lot of things happen recently. The forum was down , I just got the it back up and running, its a little different than the one that was there but I think it will work out well. If you want to leave a message and you are a member of CMSF please feel free, if you are not a member you need to talk to me First.

 Battle Net is very much messed up, not exactly sure what they are doing to it but it kicks all the uses off every so often and they changed our channel name Was Clan StarFleetHQ NOW it is Op StarFleetHQ

 We have had some members mutiny against the Leader ship of this clan, they are now the members and leaders of clan VOV. Just to advise you all if you were not aware of this Clan VOV is our Enemy now, We as leaders of this clan gave them so many chances, they chose the path to take now they will never be allowed back into our clan. 

 We have just restructured our Divisions as you have seen on the CMSF main page. We are going to give this new format a Try and see how it works. Also we are planning to role out clan wide departments soon, that way every one will have a job to do, it could be Clan Security under CMSF-Blueblaze, or The Science Dept if you are a map maker... will keep you Posted...

Also just to note that we use as our main site now, our onestop site goes down to much...

Also I want you all to know I am very pleased to call you all my friends. This is a great place to be, and you are all very special thank you for your participation and hope you all stay with us here at CMSF as we grow to new and higher levels :) ... Also just want you all to know weekends are pretty much full for me with DJing, and my Christian Rock Band  takes up a lot of my time, although I do try to hop on here as often as I can. Also trying to keep them bots up and running  Yee Ha got to love those bots (LOL) ok ya all have a Great Day

Live Long and Prosper, and May the Force be with you... 

 Fleet Admiral Riker Out

Please Note: Everything listed under this line was entered by General Riker Before he went on his Extended Shore Leave


BlackHawk and ToMParis have left the clan. They want to be in VoV I am assuming. Please remove them from your friends lists. In fact I am fairly sure they have been playing us all along. 

Atticus has asked to be allowed into the channel. I would appreciate any feedback you have on this issue. I have advised him he is on probation and will be required to follow all clan and channel rules. 

The clan is GROWING very large. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I have left someone off of the Members page, or If I have not listed your promotion yet. 


Hey all,

I add a NEW and exciting Page to my Web site. The all NEW WEAPONS page, and I updated and add to the Tech and CHARTS page... Go check em all out you can access them off the Main Star Fleet web site at
I also now have a back up site at
Please make not of it just in the case my primary goes down.... Also I am wondering why no one uses my Forum on the Star Fleet Web site ..... Hmmmmmmm
Ok see ya all soon

SirMarine has been Accepted into the Officer Training Program.

Attention All Division Leaders. Please check the website members page and make sure I have not left off any of your new members. Thanks.

Please note the following changes to the Members page. For those members who are a part of a division who's leader maintains a website, ranks and other awards are not posted. However there is a link to the page where your rank is posted. Again I encourage everyone to make a personal website as many of us have to post ranks, medals, etc...

I have not been on much lately. I have needed a break, too many things going on at one time. I know some of the links on the onestop site are not responding correctly (some pics not showing up and all) and I know the members page REALLY needs to be updated with all the transfers and promotions and all... Since Starfleet, and Jedi have a members list of their own, I am giving serious consideration to just putting a link on the Members Page that says something like "to see Jedi/Star Fleet (or whoever) members click here". It seems kinda a waste for ME and YOU to maintain two separate members lists. If one of us goes on vacation or a member gets promoted and one of us does not change the site it can be confusing. Anyway, I'm planning on being back most of this weekend, and probably Friday night too. Thanks for keeping things up for me guys, I really really appreciate it. See ya soon!

For those who didn't see Edgeheads rather nasty message (and I don't know what his problem is/was) Edgehead is out of the clan. And it's sad because I spent so much time defending him when many of you wanted him gone. I apologize for not kicking him sooner.

From the CMSF Communications Center. Please make the following adjustment to your information sources. We now have two websites. They are both the same and will contain the same information. is our primary website is our back up website.

I will be maintaining them both, so you may feel free to use whichever one your browser works best with.


There have been several new pages added to the CMSF website main page index. Please view them at your leisure. Also we have two  websites now. we have which is our primary site. We also have . Please notice there is no www. in front of the tripod website. If you put the www. in front of tripod it will not work. 

We have done this due to the fact we needed more space, and some people's browsers work better with one site than another. I will keep them both updated so you may use which ever site works best for you. 

Also we would like to announce the JEDI ACADEMY. This division is being led by Officer Cadet Blueblaze. Check the main site index for the link. Blue has made a great site for this division.

The MI division is up and running. Please check the main index for the link. CMSF-Razak is the Leader of the MI at this time. 

Please check back soon for further developments. 




Hello everyone. I'm sorry I have been somewhat remiss about keeping up the NEWS section of the CMSF website. I promise to do better. Please check the CMSF News page for frequent Updates!

Effective IMMEDIATELY Any and all members who are not currently officers but wish to become officers will undergo a 4 week Officer Training Program in which you will receive instruction on Leadership, Dedication, Skill, and Logistics. In week one you will be designated as Cadet Level 1, week two you will be Cadet Level 2, and so forth. Upon completion of week 4 you will receive a commission for either Ensign (for Naval Divisions) or 2nd LT (For Marine Divisions) or as the Klingon Equivalent.

Also, I have been approached recently but several members about having their own divisions. If you would like to start a division there are several rules and regulations you must adhere to. 

1. Any division of CMSF is part of CMSF and all members must adhere to clan rules as outlined on the website. 

2. All divisions must use the ranks as set forth in the clan website. You may use either the Naval or Marine ranks, but you must use clan ranks. 

3. All division members are still subject to CMSF Officer Leadership.

4. Anyone wishing to start and lead a Division must FIRST pass OTP (as described above) AND must create and MAINTAIN an active division website. 

These rules also apply for anyone who has taken Command of a Star Ship or a Marine Platoon. 

Effective immediately anyone creating an active CMSF personal website to display your ribbons, medals, ranks etc... will receive a Promotion of 1 level. For example if you are a 2nd LT and create and submit your website, you will be promoted to 1st LT, etc... This is available to Enlisted ranks as well as Officer. 

CMSF-Janeway has been banned and banished from the clan. I trusted her. (OR should I say HIM... yes he, or she, or whatever has been found out to be a male, instead of the female represented). CMSF-Janeway has been spying on this clan, and his, her (whatever) IP has been banned from our clan channel. CMSF-Janeway has appeared as a number of other names, some male, and some female. This dude has been pretending to be a female, which is sick and disrespectful, and has proven him self to be a LIAR. CMSF-Janeway is stripped of Rank, Position, Privileges and Clan Membership and is sent away with a dishonorable discharge and in disgrace.

Remember when looking into the bots for info the trigger is `

that is the button on the top left of your keyboard right under the esc key.

Here are some commands you have access to.

`officer's name (still being added, if you're not there yet be patient, we will get to you)

Many of these commands have sup commands as well. Just follow the instructions the bot gives you as needed.

Ranks are not entirely based on points. They are not based on friendship either. ranks CAN be gotten with points alone, but also people can apply for available officers openings.



We have a new clan ally. We are now allied to Clan Rogue Squadron. Check out their website. Its one of the best I have ever seen! 



New Announcements!

* FleetAdml_Riker has been given Full Clan Leadership Status. This means he is equal to me in everyway. 

*Gen_Ghost[VR] has been banned from the clan for behavior unbecoming an officer. He is no longer welcome in any way. He was given every chance possible to redeem himself. But he failed.

*To the leaders of AS and ER. You are hereby instructed to create a website supporting your divisions. This website must be kept current by you.  As it is the Leaders are nearly the only members IN their divisions. If the divisions do not grow, and websites are not created, the divisions will be disbanded and you and any members in them will have to choose another division or become members CMSF Prime. Your rank (if disbanded and transferred) will be determined by the Leader of the Division you choose to join. Your previous service will be considered and you will not be bumped back down to Private. 

* Congratulations to Fleet Admiral Riker for making the Star Fleet division such a swift and overwhelming success in such a short time. 



Last night was our 8PM clan meeting. I would like to thank everyone who showed up. Thanks also to Delta for making the effort to come even though he could only stay a short time.  I am pleased to announce that later this month I will be getting a cable modem. I have found a company that serves the new area I live in. 

Here some of the results from the meeting in case you missed it.  

I have also been talking to CommanderRiker and we have agreed to add a division that he will head up.  The division will be the StarFleet Special Forces Division. In addition to Commander Riker this division already has one member.  WORF_

I also want to encourage you to build a personal website so you can proudly display your rank and your medals.  Its really not hard at all.  You can talk to me or Krimeet (CMSF-Killa) on info on how to get started.  You can build a free page at or at and you can build one with your internet provider if you have Earthlink, or AOL and many others allow you to have free webspace. has a tutorial you can take on line to learn how.  It took me a whole hour to learn to build websites... if I can do it anyone can do it. 


Well ... Codeman has vanished again. [Sigh] And he changed the password to CMSF- before he left. I still have the CMSF password, so I guess if Codeman does not show up soon we can go to that channel if we need to kick someone from ops. 

Everyone needs to check the Forum for my message about the fighting. Check it today please. Anyone has any problems let me know please. Thanks to all my LOYAL members.  

I am also kicking around this idea. When someone earns a medal actually sending them a medal certificate showing that medal, and Rank promotion.  But this would require having peep's mailing address or PO Box.  Let me know what you think. 



We have two sites, more or less. One is which codeman is keeping updated and the other is which I am keeping updated. I have just today fixed the members page and updated it. If I missed anything you need to let me know. The clan is back and we need some good members. 

Remember we are not a skillz clan... we have divisions for that. We are a coolness clan. One has to be active and loyal to be a member, not have skills. Inform all new recruits they need to email me so I can put their email in my data base and before I can add them to the site. 

For those who have personal sites, I can add a link on your name, but you cant just email me and ask me to link it without giving me the website (duh). I need the website to know what to link your name too. You can make a great website for free at or one of a hundred other places. Let me know if you need help. 



Just so yall know in advance, I will be off line the weekend of Nov 30th and Dec 1st. I should be off line no more than these two days. I'm moving and obviously I need to take my comp off line to move. Anyone interested in holding ops for those two days?


Greetings to all CMSF Members both Past and Present.

General Riker here!  I just wanted to let everyone know I am back. My sister (the cause of me being away for so long) is recovering. She almost died, but she is now getting better.

I have set up a new CMSF website.  The address is

Anyone wishing to return to CMSF is welcome to do so. Anyone who does not wish to rejoin or hear anymore about CMSF just email me and I will take your name off the mailing list.

I am starting a members list from scratch. The old list is still posted on the website for now. Anyone who I do not hear from within the next week or so I will remove from the website.  Anyone who wishes to be removed from the website, please let me know and I will do so.

Right now there are 3 active clan leaders. Me, CMSF-Fyre, and CMSF-Cobra.  Generals Zamunda and GeneX I still keep in contact with to some extent, but I do not know yet if they wish to be active leaders in CMSF or Just members/officers. (Guys since you are getting this email too would you let me know? Thanks)

I am currently looking for officers to assume the following positions. Recruiter. ER (Elite Ranger) Division Leader. And Tournament Master. Anyone wishing to assume or apply for these positions, please let me know.

We are also working on a new Ranking system.  The ranks will be the same, however earning them will be slightly different. The ranking system will be based on points.  You can earn points for wins. Points for tournaments. Points for service Points for recruiting. Points for time in the clan. Points for Bot Management etc....  I will post how many points each person has on the website on the 1st and the 15th of each month. I am looking for a cool name to call these points. Anyone coming up with a new name will earn additional points.

Also, If you set up your own personal website with a free website host, you can display your medals there. I will link your name to your free website.  You can set up a free site with Or AOO. Or  I dont care who or how you set up your site. (setting up a site is optional) but if you choose to You can download the picture of your medals from the medals page and display them proudly. (mine is already set up, see the members page and click on the link by my name).

Well I guess that is about it for now guys. Let me know if anyone had any questions. Be cool!



CMSF is BACK and so am I.  Great news yall... CMSF is back in action.  We now have a new CO-Leader. Please welcome CMSF-Cobra. I have only played a few games with him but I can tell you now he is a way cool player. His rank is ***** General. Please let me or Cobra know if you have any questions.  If you have any contact with former (or absent current members) please let them know we are back in action.  You can still reach me at  

Be cool!



Attention everyone. I want everyone to go to or to and make a personal CMSF web page. There you will be keeping track of your own rank. I will link your name here to your site once you have it established. 

If you are new to web design I suggest Tripod. Easy to use and a great tutorial. 

Any and all rank improvements and medals need to be approved by a leader. Please post your request in the forum. Once you have done that you can post your new rank. 

If you need help there is a GREAT tutorial on that teaches you all about how to make your page. It only has to be one page. I will be making mine to show you as an example over the weekend. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


Hey Yall... I'm an UNCLE.  My sister went into labor today to have her little girl.  She has not popped out but she will very soon.  Its so cool. 

I would like to take a few moments to thank the very active dedicated members who have been on lately.  Its members like YOU that make this clan great.  I know we have had some struggles lately but it looks like we have gotten past them.  I also know that some clan members who have been at war with each other lately are now at peace again.  And that is truly excellent news. 

I would also like to officially welcome back to the clan Commander GeneX.  Gene was gone for a while and much to my delight he is back.  The clan just was not the same without him. 

I would also like to especially thank CMSF-Codeman for his wisdom, and patience, and his leadership recently.  Code I dont know what I would do without you. 

Message to MastaP... Bro you are a fun player... I am glad you are back with us.  Its totally cool that you are here. 

Message to Z... Thanks bro... you know what I am talking about... thanks for being here. 

Message to Fyre (Lightning) You are now, and always will be my friend.   I am glad you are here too. 

Also... I have seen a number of CMSF names floating around... if you have recently joined the clan and I have not posted you to the website.. please post a message on the Forum so I can get you updated. 




Okay that's it! I have had it  up to here with all this petty bickering with each other.  Let me tell you all a little bit about something important.  

I started the cmsf about 4 or 5 months ago.  I wanted this clan to be different than all other clans out there.  I was a member of several clans before starting my own.  I found that many of the other clans out there are skillz clans that require a test.  I wanted a clan that anyone could join.  I wanted a clan that was based on coolness... not skills.  

I also noticed that many other clans out there are full of jerks, loudmouths, and butt holes.  I wanted a clan of cool guys (and gals) who wanted nothing more than to game, and be cool and have fun.  This clan is supposed to be fun but it is way too stressful right now.  

My first member was GeneX.  He started with me from the beginning and now he is gone.  I miss him.  A lot of the cool stuff you guys like so much about this clan was because of him.  He even got us our first bot.  He and I worked hard on this clan.  He was not the best player around but he learned fast and was definitely high on the dedicated coolness factor. 

Next we were joined by Zamunda.  I met him when he whipped my tail in  a cool game.  But he was also high on coolness so he left Clan Rome to join us.  The three of us have been together for a long time.  

The idea of this clan is to get into the role of the character you are playing.  Not to get into a fight with other members.  I am sick of you guys fighting.  If you are not here to have fun, to play the role, to play the game then get out. I dont want you here if all you want to do is make trouble.  

I was horrified the other day when I saw members banning each other from the channel.  When I saw other members laughing about it.  

I am the clan founder.  Gene and Zamunda were with me from the beginning.  IF you dont like them then leave.  That is fine.  If you dont like me that is fine... then leave. 

After Gene was off for a while, and Z was gone for a while I needed to appoint some officer and leaders cuz I needed some help.  I understand some peeps were upset over that.  Well TOO BAD.  Deal with it.  If you have an objection or a problem the only person you need to tell is me.  You dont need to run around disrespecting officers over it. 

I made this clan.  I put in HOURS and HOURS building it with Gene and Z and I have but in HOURS and HOURS on this site and not to mention that this site is not free... I Had to pay for the cmsf website name.  I did this clan cuz I wanted to have good clean fun and I wanted others to have good clean fun.  

Those are the peeps I want in my clan.  Not a bunch of foul mouthed buttholes making the whole clan miserable for everyone else.  I would much rather have 10 FUN good cool dedicated players than a clan of 100 buttholes.  I have a butthole.  I dont need anymore.  

So here is what it comes down to.  If you like this clan... stay and be cool.  You dont have to be on everyday like with some clans.  Some clans will kick you out of you are not on every day.  

If you want to stay... then stay.  But if you are gonna stay you need to be cool to other members.  This clan is about fun and right now its not any fun at all.  

If you cannot or will not be cool to other members then get out.  Go join a butthole clan.  There are a lot of them out there.  I am gonna email GeneX and ask him to come back.  

If this clan keeps going like it is then its gonna fall apart.  If it does I am gonna scrap the whole thing.  

For those who wish to stay, we are making a new division called the Elite Rangers.  [ER] 

The elite rangers are a comp killing money map playen group of elite Terran specialists.  If soneone would also like to start off a Toss or Zerg division like that let me know.  But right now we just have [ER]. 

If you wanna join the [ER] squad you need to make an [er] name.  You dont have to give up your cmsf name but you need to have an er name to join er games.  Mine is Thunder[ER].  ER will also have their own section of this site soon. 

Right now I am back in control of this clan. I have the website back too.  Once I get things straightened out I will be looking for Code (if he still wants to) step back in and take the site again.  Please understand... beginning I will be making website updates once a week.  NOT EVERY DAY.  With the number of members we have its just not possible.  We got some guys who are going up in rank 3 times a week cuz they are so active and getting so many wins.  Let me know by Friday each week what updates you need and by Saturday night I will have it updated. 

Again ... BE COOL.  If you have had a problem with a member in the past then ask one person to act as PeaceMaker and you get it resolved.  Dont worry about who started it or what started it... JUST SHAKE HANDS and let he past be the past.  Let it go.  IF you cant or wont... then leave.  

I am also sick of foolishness on the forum.  Anyone caught putting a dozen smileys on a message will be banned.  One or two is enough to get the idea.  

Any questions can be posted on the forum and I will address them.



Congratulations to all medal and ribbon winners in our first Tournament.  If you won a match in today's tournament and your ribbon or medal has not been added to your profile, please notify me either by log book or by email.  Again Congratulations and Thanks for Competing! 

Attention to all new members... if you have been active for more than 5 days and I have not added you to the site yet, please notify me by email or on the Log Book.  Thanks!



A new position of Peacemaker has been generated for the clan. The duties of the Peacemaker will include helping to settle differences between clan members. It is my desire that all clan members remain tight and close team mates, however the stresses of war can get to us all. CMSF-MMivison as assumed the duties of Peacemaker, and has been promoted to the rank of Capitan. 



A tournament  will beheld this coming Sunday from 4:30PM  - 7:00PM  Medals will be awarded for tournament winners.

Anyone interested in applying for a Recruiting officer's position should see CMSF-Gen_Riker asap.