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Elite Rangers

The following is a transcript of a radio message received by CMSF Outpost 9504 a few days ago. 


[Radio Static... then comes in clear]


'This is CMSF outpost 9507 do you copy?  I say again this is CMSF outpost 9507 DO YOU COPY?" (banging in the back ground} "Watson watch that door man.... "

"I say again this is CMSF outpost... "(more banging) "Oh God help us... there are these bugs... these giant friggen bugs everywhere... they came out of nowhere... right out of the GROUND! We have locked outselves in the command center but I'm just an scv driver.  Watson and I are all alone... you gotta help us"  (Gause rifle fire in the background

"Oh no!  They've gotten in!"  (more rifle fire)

"Watsons's dead man... Watson's friggen dead?  Why wont anyone help... "

{Hydralist hissing sound)


(gurgle noise... wet spatters... more hissing"

[Radio Transmitting Goes Dead} 


This is Commanding General CMSF-Gen_Riker.  Our outpost on Starbase 9507 has been wiped out.  Completely.  No survivors were found.  No bodies were found... nothing but bloodstains on the floor and walls and the husks of a few burned out tanks. The picture you see above is what is left of our outpost. 

The Zerg have expanded into Colonial Space.  We must push them back. OR they will wipe us all out.  Make no mistake about it Gentlemen... we are at war.  I am forming an Elite Division of Rangers to deal with the Zerg threat.  We will not fail... we must not fail.  For if we do the entire galaxy will belong to the bugs. 

For those who volunteer for this ranger squad you will take on a new identity.  You will be identified by the [ER] Tag behind your name.  

I cannot promise that anyone will make it out alive.  But I will promise you this.  I will be the first man to step onto the battle field, and the last to step off of it.  I will leave no man behind.  Dead or alive... we will all come home.... together.  

There are 5 Ranks in the [ER].  This does not have anything to do with your CMSF Rank.  We are the Elite.  

Ranger Recruit

Ranger [25 Wins]

Ranger Level 2 [50 Wins]

Ranger Level 3 [75 Wins]

Master Ranger [100 Wins]

IF you decide to enlist in the Elite Rangers, your ER name will be listed next to your CMSF name in the members list. Medals awarded to your [ER] Profile will be listed with those of your Regular CMSF profile.  

Remember that [ER] Engagements will be set up by myself or other officers.  ERs are TERRAN.  Remember that.

Welcome to the Elite Rangers... May you die with COURAGE!