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Colonial Marine Strike Force

Recruiting Center


So you think you have what it takes to be a Colonial Marine do you?  Let me tell you a little bit about the CMSF,  and if you are still interested in joining, then Semper Fi boy!

Put pen to data pad and enlist! What are you waiting for? It don't get much better than this!! 

As you begin your career as a Colonial Marine, you must learn not to fear this... 



The Colonial Marine's worst enemy is his or her own fear.  Fear can make you hesitate.  And hesitation can make your worst fears come true.  

Does the thought of bumping into one of these boys in the middle of the night frighten you?  It should.  

Hundreds of Colonies are being infested by these alien critters.  Sure we have some allied alien species.  Even some friendly alien species have fought along side us.  Why, a few of our Marines have even learned to train and control Zerg troops!  But the colonies need your help.  The human race must survive.  You... yes you... are key to making that happen. We have the weapons. We have the ships. What we need are a few good Marines to serve with us to rid the galaxy of the enemy threat!

You will begin your service as a Recruit.  There is no rank symbol for a CMSF recruit. In order for you to qualify to become a full fledged member you must serve 5 days in the CMSF and have earned at least 5 wins on your record.  Oh by the way. You need to change your screen name to include the CMSF tag in front of your name. Like this... CMSF-Yourname. 

Once you have earned 5 wins and served 5 days, you will be promoted automatically to PFC (Private First Class). From there rank is obtained two ways. 

First,  you can get promoted simply by serving the time and obtaining the wins needed for a specific rank.  

Secondly you can be appointed to a rank as a reward for service, or as a special offer made when looking for a specific officer's position. For example we will soon be recruiting a Tournament Officer. This officer will be responsible for organizing tournaments at least once per month. The person who is selected for such a position will be promoted to 2nd LT  (or go up one rank if already at 2nt LT or higher).


You can also earn medals.  Medals are awarded for specific acts of bravery, for accomplishing certain goals, or meeting other such requirements. Look at the Medals and Ranks page for further details. 

Lastly, all CMSF members will respect each other, them selves and Clan Leaders.  We will also treat visiting Clan Members and Clan Leaders with respect. 


So... are you ready to JOIN the Colonial Marine Strike Force?


Step 1: Select and Email me your new CMSF- screen name.  The email address is I cannot add you to the website until I have this info.  If you do not have an email address you can obtain a free one from  If for some reason that is still not possible, let a clan leader know.  Have them email me your information instead, or just give it to me when you see me in the channel.


Step 2: Visit us at our channel.  Its Clan CMSF  and let a recruiter know you are joining. 


Step 3: Be Active! CMSF is all about being active and getting into the spirit of the CMSF.


Step 4: WELCOME!  I look forward to seeing you... out there!