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Law Books of the 

Colonial Marine Strike Force


All members must become familiar with and abide by the laws written herein.  

All leaders will lead from the front by example, not from the rear like cowards. 

All members will be treated with respect. 

Never assume the enemy is dead. Always make sure. 

Protect Clan members at all times. 

We are not a BS clan. If you sign up to be an ally, stay that way. 

Treat visiting clan leaders and members with respect. 

All clan matches are ally end. 

All clan members must have a working email address on file. Failure to do so may result in reduction in rank. 

Foul and vulgar language will not be tolerated in the clan channel. IF you cannot learn to express yourself without 4 letter words, take it somewhere else.

You will NOT take God's name in vain.

Honesty, Respect, Courage, and Honor are expected and required.

Finally, everyone fights, no one quits. Nobody goes home until the enemy threat has been destroyed!

If you have any questions... see CMSF-Gen_Riker.