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Clan Medals - These medals are available to all members regardless of division. Listed below are also the Star Fleet Medals, and the Jedi Medals.

Marine Division - Awarded when accepted into a Marine Platoon. 

Klingon Division - Awarded when accepted into the Klingon Division. 

StarFleet Division - awarded when accepted into Starfleet Division 

Klingon High Council- Awarded when accepted into the Klingon High Council

Ranger Tap- Awarded when Ranger Qualified (Defeat 5 comps in a 1v5 comp match / Replay Required)

Special Forces Tab - Awarded when Special Forces Qualified. (Use of unconventional warfare, sneak attacks, stealth etc.)
Aviator Wings - Awarded for obtaining expert status in flying the Wraith/Scout.  Jump Wings - Awarded for obtaining expert in Dropship tatics. 


Grudge Match Ribbon. For challenging a non-clan member in a 1v1 grudge match and winning. 

Tournament Ribbon. For winning a scheduled Tournament Match. 



Ribbon of Firepower. For demonstrating proficiency in using multiple weapon systems in combination.  

Tank Commander's Ribbon. For demonstrating strategic use of Tanks  against overwhelming hostile forces. 


Ribbon of High Valor - Awarded for High Levels of Valor in Combat.


This ribbon is awarded to anyone that has contributed to the design or development of the web page.

Gold Ribbon - Awarded for successfully finishing training for all 3 races.



Unit Integrity Pin


Terran Training Center Pin - Awarded for successfully completing Terran Training. (Awarded by Training Officer)

Extreme Valor Ribbon - Awarded for Extreme Valor in Combat


Zerg Training Ribbon (Awarded by Training Officer.)


Protoss Training Ribbon (Awarded By Training Officer)

Map Making Ribbon

Team Defense Ribbon - For providing defense forces for a team member under hostile fire (Non-shared base)



The 100 Win Ribbon - awarded for 100 wins.


Ribbon of Merit - For Valor and/or Service in Battle.


The 200 Win Ribbon - Awarded for 200 Wins


300 Win Ribbon - Awarded for 300 + Wins.

Good Conduct Ribbon

Recruiting Ribbon - Awarded for Recruiting One Player. Recruited player must remain active for four weeks for member to be awarded this ribbon.
Battle Cruiser Flying Cross 

Awarded for overcoming extreme hostile forces with the use and proficiency of Battle Cruisers.

Bronze Star  

Awarded for Valor in Battle.

Zerg Defense Medal

Awarded for use of trained zerg against enemy forces. 

Terren Marine Assault  Medal

Awarded for effective command and control of Marines in an engagement against hostile enemy forces.  

Terran Defense Medal Protoss Defense Medal
  Tournament Champion Medal

Awarded for being the Overall Champion during a scheduled Tournament. 

Purple Heart 

For extreme sacrifice made for another clan member that cost you a loss. 

Distinguished Service Medal. 

Awarded for providing the clan with leadership, encouragement, integrity, dedication, and commitment. 

Clan Ally Medal. 

Given for allying CMSF with another clan. 

Zerg Extermination Medal

Awarded for group campaigns to exterminate the Zerg threat to our galaxy. 

CMSF Command Medal

Awarded by CMSF Command to members who have demonstrated the highest levels of commitment and dedication. 

Silver Star  

For EXTREME Valor in Combat

Rescue Medal 

 Awarded for rescuing a team mate with extreme valor and great risk to own troops.


This medal is awarded to anyone that has contributed exceptionally to the clan.

 It is the highest award possible and only available to a few.


Listed Below are the Jedi Medals available from the Jedi Division

Fleet Defence Ribbon
Fleet Defense

Awarded for successful defense in your fleet.
Squadron Champion Ribbon
Squadron Champion Ribbon

Awarded for taking part in a winning Squadron within a tournament.
Squadron Leadership Ribbon
Squadron Leadership Ribbon

Awarded for leading a successful Squadron.
Jedi Order Ribbon
Jedi Order Ribbon

Awarded for exceptional leadership within the Jedi Academy.
Jedi Recruiting Ribbon
Jedi Recruiting Ribbon

Awarded for recruiting a noticable number of loyal members in the Jedi Division and clan.
Jedi Law Ribbon
Jedi Law Ribbon

Awarded for up keeping the Clan and Division laws faithfully without question.
Minor Aid Ribbon
Minor Aid Ribbon

Awarded for minor aid in the construction and updating of the website.
High Aid Ribbon
High Aid

Awarded for high aid in the construction and updating of the website.
Distinguished Aid Medal
Distinguished Aid Medal

Awarded for the highest amount of aid in the construction and updating of the website.
Knight Medal
Knight Medal

Awarded for successfully obtaining the rank of a Jedi Knight.
Master Medal
Master Medal

Awarded for successfully obtaining the rank of a Jedi Master.
Councilor Medal
Councilor Medal

Awarded for successfully obtaining the rank of a Jedi Councilor

Listed Below are the Star Fleet Ribbons available from the Star Fleet Division