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"General Riker"

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Greetings!  I am General Riker. Commanding General and founder of the CMSF clan. Its a pleasure to have you visit my command center today. If you have not visited recently, you may have noticed several changes recently. First of all, we have merged with the Federation Special Forces.  The Federation's Fleet Admiral is Fleet Admiral Riker (my friend and my brother in faith). Admiral Riker has become invaluable to this clan. I don't know what we did before him and I certainly don't want to find out what we would do without him. 

Admiral Riker and I have combined our websites to where our two websites seem to be more like one big website. This is truly making for a great site with lots of great information. 

In this clan we have lots of "extras". Here you can earn medals, ranks, join divisions, etc... As  you can see above I am both Ranger, and Special Forces qualified. I have also earned a number of the available medals, as you can see below. 

Admiral Riker and I have so much in common, it feels like I have known him for years. He is my trusted friend, advisor, and as I said earlier, my brother in faith. It is our desire and our goal to make a clan that thrives on loyalty, honor, honesty, and good clean fun. We discourage, and in fact prohibit cursing, disrespect, profanity and other such behavior in our clan channel. We have appointed CMSF-Janeway as chief of security to monitor the channel for such behavior, among other things.

We encourage you to get into the spirit of the clan. Work towards becoming an officer. Earn medals and awards.  Take part in clan events, tournaments, games, and so much more. 

We also encourage each and every person to create their own FREE CMSF website with a convenient free hosting company like and  That way you can proudly display your medals and your rank, as well as make comments, links, etc...

Take a look through our members list and see the various members who have made personal sites. Some are quite simple in nature, and others are very complex. If you need help getting started just let me or Admiral Riker know. We will be glad to help you.